Health and Wellness Education

C&S Cares, KTSU, the NAACP, and C&S Insurance Group are proud to announce the City-Wide Save A Life Health Tour.

The Save A Life Health Tour addresses the significant health disparities pandemic in Houston’s urban communities. Eighty percent of individuals between 19 and 64 do not have adequate access to healthcare, insurance, and life improvement educational resources. However, most of them qualify for free premium healthcare.

The Save A Life Health Tour provides immediate access to life saving and sustaining care and resources that aim to educate under served communities about their current health condition and provides them with solutions that can direct them to care and preventative measures where needed. The C&S Cares Team assists these communities in navigating the complex systems that provide benefits that can save their lives. This solution helps to eliminate the barriers to accessing the proper healthcare solutions. The C&S Cares Team endeavors to increase health equity in Houston and its surrounding communities by helping people understand their numbers, know where they can get health services, and how they can afford quality care.

The initiative will provide easy access to health-related resources with on-site services delivered
conveniently to their community. The Save A Life Health Tour provides free health consultations, access to health insurance, and these free health screenings:

Blood Glucose – Blood Pressure – Oxygen Levels – Body Mass Index